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Let’s be honest, when it comes to exercise and nutrition we all get confused by the excess of conflicting information. We all start out with good intentions, but then quickly get discouraged by unsustainable practices or unreached goals, fall back into our old habits, and sadly lose focus.

You CAN break through this cycle, actually ACHIEVE your goals and be able to effectively SUSTAIN new habits for your lifetime. You need someone who is experienced, educated, and passionate about coaching you.

I was born a natural athlete. As a collegiate football player I knew from a young age that I was gifted with agility and balance. Growing up on the beaches of Southern California, I was acutely aware of my body and how it moved; both in and out of the water. This is what prompted me to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology where I learned the science of movement. After receiving my degree, I sought out a career in physical therapy. However, I realized that my biggest passion was coaching individuals to truly be happy with their bodies, embrace their strengths, and finally to feel their absolute best. 

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I found in working with people from all walks of life that I sometimes could not solve their most basic problems. I could prescribe the perfect exercises and tell them what to do, but quickly realized it was their mindset I had to help them change in order to succeed. I learned that societal behaviors and habits regarding food is where most people failed. This is where my quest started. I began to consume every source of information about nutrition and best lifestyle practices. I read through books, listened to lectures and podcasts, reviewed articles, and spoke with mentors in order to find the answers.  I experimented on myself first, then included my clients on my journey. In the process I gained even more understanding and compassion for how unique all of our bodies are. I now have streamlined this knowledge into a proven system for all of my clients to achieve success in their health, wellness, and longevity.

What you will find in my method is an integrated approach to dietary practices including a singular prescribed “fast”, meal sequencing, Keto, Paleo, and the Mediterranean diets.  I use the combination of meal prioritization and oxidative priority to change the pattern of eating.

Through my one-on-one coaching, I educate my clients on the revolutionary pattern of eating prescribed in Fast. Eat. Live.. I coach them to build this easy to follow plan into their lifestyle. I learned that it must be sustainable and flexible for each individual to be successful.

I know that with my guidance and the Fast. Eat. Live. program you’ll be able to finally achieve your goals and sustain them. The best part is that you’ll still be able to enjoy a robust social life and maximize all that your amazing life has to offer.

I couldn’t be more excited to help you begin your journey. Let’s start today!

—Scott Jansen



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