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I’ve been on a lot of diets, but it takes more than a diet to achieve true wellness.  Fast. Eat. Live. Is about discovering how our bodies work, whole foods, and a lifestyle that promotes fitness and strength of mind, body, and spirit.
— Janet G.
One of the best aspects of training with Scott is that it doesn’t stop when I leave the gym. He consistently follows up throughout the week and is 100% genuinely committed to providing me with whatever it is I need to reach my goal.
— Ira G.
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“Working with Scott and using the Fast.Eat.Live. method has changed the way I approach my fitness goals; I’ve learned it’s about resetting my body (and mind) and tuning in to when I’m hungry. The framework for Fast. Eat. Live. Makes it easy to do and doesn’t focus on counting calories or being a slave to macros. It has allowed me to shed the last bit of body fat that wasn’t budging.” –Kelly P.

The Fast, Eat.Live. system is an easy adjustment into everyday living. Scott has created a simple way to not only help shed “stored energy”, but to help you feel more alert and healthy.
— Lisa S.
Scott has a wealth of experience and was able to train me specific to my needs to ensure gains and overall health. Even when I’m traveling, I’m confident I have the right tools to advance my athletic life, thanks to Scott. From physical training to therapy-sports to nutrition, Scott delivers.
— Itaal S.
In my time with Scott I’ve lost 25 lbs and untold number of inches. Scott’s subtle encouraging style has helped me to achieve results I had not thought possible in so short a time. Today, I look forward to working out even on those days he is not available. One of the things I value most about Scott is his ability to triage some ache or pain that may have befallen me and suggest a simple exercise or stretch that will address it. Thank you Scott.
— Denise C.


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